With Lupi’s barista course, you will make coffee like an Italian professional barista. During the course the student will be taught all the basic barista operations, such as:

  • Different types of beans/flavors
  • Handling equipment
  • Types of coffee and milk
  • Frothing milk
  • Preparing the different types of coffee recipes
  • Hygiene

This intensive training offers you the chance to dive deeper into the world of coffee than you ever imagined. With a rich history and tradition to explore, coffee goes far beyond the simple brew we consume every day. You will discover how the origin of a bean can influence its taste and how the right techniques can make the difference between an average and exceptional cup of coffee.

At the end of the course, the participant will be given a test to see if he/she meets the requirements Lupi sets for its baristas. The participant will receive a certificate of participation after passing the test. This certificate is a recognition of your hard work, dedication and passion for the craft, setting you apart in the coffee industry.

The course lasts an entire afternoon, a time when we not only teach technical skills, but also share the philosophy behind Lupi’s approach to coffee. If the participant does not pass the test, the participant can decide to take the course again. We believe in continuous growth and development and are always ready to provide additional guidance and support.

Barista Course – Working at Lupi?

Do you have no experience as a barista, but would like to work at Lupi? This is no problem at all, we would be happy to help you. Lupi stands for quality and consistency and we are happy to teach you that in our own barista course. We believe that all questions that customers might ask should be clearly answered and that involves a bit of theory. You will learn about our entire assortment in detail, the origin of our coffee, the story of Lupi, what each operation is for and how the customer is central to his/her Lupi experience. Of course, a piece of practice will follow because practice makes perfect.

In addition to this knowledge, we will also train you in customer service skills. Every Lupi barista is an ambassador for our brand, and we want every customer to feel welcome and appreciated.

Interested? Contact us and start your journey into the world of premium coffee with Lupi.