A Journey Through the World of Tastings

The world of coffee and tea is rich and diverse, brimming with stories, traditions, and flavors passed down through generations. At Lupi, we invite you to step into this world, where every detail carries deeper meaning, and every sip tells a story.

More Than Just Taste

When you think of coffee and tea, you might simply envision a cup of a warm beverage. However, behind these simple cups lies a complex universe. From the first green leaves plucked in the highlands of Asia to the coffee beans roasted in South America, each step contributes to the final result in your cup.

At Lupi, we understand the art and science behind these drinks. That’s why we’ve designed our tastings to be not only focused on taste but also on education. Here, you’ll learn about the rich history of coffee and tea, the cultures that have produced these beverages, and the journey they’ve undertaken before landing in your hands.

And what’s a tasting without accompanying treats? In addition to our selection of fresh, organic coffees and teas, we also offer an array of delightful sweets. These have been specially chosen to complement the flavors of our drinks and enhance your experience.

Customized Experiences

At Lupi, we believe in personalization. We understand that everyone has unique preferences. That’s why we give our guests the opportunity to customize their tasting experience. Curious about a particular tea variety? Or have you always wanted to know how a specific coffee bean tastes? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

To ensure that your visit with us is perfect, we recommend getting in touch in advance. This way, we can work with you to create the perfect tasting tailored to your preferences and interests.

Lupi is not just about beverages; it’s about experiences, sharing knowledge, and celebrating traditions. We invite you to join this journey, to learn, discover, and, most importantly, to savor. We hope to see you soon at one of our tastings. Cheers!”